How to Use

How Do I use Fertile Gut?

Fertile gut is free from any flavours, preservatives or artificial colours. With a neutral taste, Fertile Gut can be incorporated into almost any food!

Follow us @fertilegut for some inspiration or to share your Fertile Gut recipes. We love adding ours to a smoothie full of antioxidant packed berries, mixing it into yoghurt or sprinkling on low sugar natural muesli for an awesome start to the day that keeps you feeling fuller, for longer!


Fertile Gut


Serving Size

One serving is a tablespoon (5g). You can spread this throughout the day or incorporate your Fertile Gut into the start of your day.

Adding Fertile Gut to your pancake recipe, healthy nut muffins or a veggie packed lasagna provides an instant prebiotic boost to supercharge your food!


Fertile Gut PCOS

If you have a history of gastrointestinal symptoms or a sensitive gut, this can be a sign that your gut requires extra love. Start slowly with half the recommended dose of Fertile Gut. Build up to 5g per day over 1-2 weeks as your microbiota diversity starts to improve, and you are able to break down more prebiotic goodness to create a fertile gut.

With a perfect combination of soluble and insoluble proven prebiotic fibres that make it all the way to your gut for fermentation by your microbiota, Fertile Gut does not readily dissolve in water. Incorporate it into your baking, cereal, smoothies and dinners so you can enjoy all the goodness!


✔  Enhance egg & sperm quality.

✔  Supports male & female reproductive health.

✔  Nothing artificial. No colours, flavours, fillers or preservatives.

✔  Safe for preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding

✔  Keeps you feeling fuller for longer for weight management.

✔  Vegan-friendly. Gluten free. Non GMO. Soy Free.