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  • Thank you!

    I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your amazing product. I have had a previous miscarriage back in august last year and struggled to fall pregnant since then. I decided to try fertile gut due to also suffering endometriosis and reproductive issues. I truly believe your product assisted me in falling pregnant!


  • No More Gut Symptoms!

    When I first heard Dr. Kitic on a podcast, my gut was a mess.

    After just a few months on Cocoa Latte and Microbiome Essentials, my debilitating and often life-limiting gut issues had resolved!

    I am so grateful for this team and these products.


  • Fantastic

    My menstrual health has improved dramatically, my sensitivity to food has improved, my immunity has improved and overall dramatically improved health. Honestly it really works, I’m past making babies and heading into menopause and it’s now part of my daily routine. Thank you so much.


  • Microbiome Essentials

    Microbiome Essentials is our best-seller for a reason. Clinically-backed and packed with 100% natural, plant-based ingredients — think prebiotics, fibres and omega-3 fatty acids — Fertile Gut Microbiome Essentials is a daily nutritious blend you can add to smoothies, baking and breakfast to fuel you and your microbiome, naturally.

  • Cacao Latte

    A daily indulgence and great coffee replacement! Packed with microbiome nurturing goodness that’s easy to love (and even more delicious to drink!) our science-backed Cacao Latte bursts with antioxidants, minerals and prebiotics AND probiotics for better gut health.

  • Ultimate Gut-Nurturing Duo

    The best prebiotics for gut health bundled up! If you’re ready to create a fertile gut you can double down with our duo that covers all bases. We’ve combined Microbiome Essentials and Cacao Latte for a stress-free solution your microbiome will love.


If You’re Looking to
Nurture Your Microbiome

We’re Glad You Found Us!

Did you know there’s a way to nurture your gut community to support your health & wellbeing?

Our natural prebiotic essentials are science backed to nurture your microbiome!

A Fertile Foundation

A healthy gut is essential to support your immune system, your mental health and digestive function, your metabolic health, physical performance and your reproductive health.

We’re Here to Fuel Your

Microbiome and Make You Feel Good

Here’s why so many people are choosing Fertile Gut…

We Help You Build the Foundation

We put all the good stuff in one convenient prebiotic-packed powder that’s naturally made! Feel confident knowing you’re fueling your gut health and building diversity of your gut microbiome

We Support Your Microbiome — the Way Nature Intended

We want what’s best for you! This means we’re picky about what we bottle, so you can rest assured only safe, natural goodness ends up nourishing your gut. Only the ingredients you need and absolutely no artificial colours, fillers or preservatives.

We Deliver Gut Care that Fuels You

When you take care of yourself, you feel confident, strong and centred - no matter what life throws at you. Yet many of us struggle to nurture our gut microbiome — the foundation of our overall health and wellbeing. That’s why we made solutions that are easy to fit into your daily routine, that reboot and refuel your body naturally.


Crafted by Science

For Your Gut

This is what we’re all about — and why you’ll love us!

Science That Puts You First

Clinically researched ingredients for gut microbiome nurturing essentials you can trust.

Less is More. And Better.

100% natural, plant-based products that contain everything you “need”, and nothing you don’t.

Feel Good from Within

Nourish your gut for better health and wellbeing.

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  • I couldn’t be more grateful

    It hasn’t been until taking Fertile Gut that I have seen such a marked change in PCOS. I couldn’t be more grateful for how this product has improved my dysbiosis occurring in my gut and restoring it to good health!


  • For the first time EVER I’ve had a painless period

    I’ve been taking this product for two months and for the first time EVER I’ve had a painless period assuming it’s because of fertile gut! Thank you so much


  • I honestly think it had made the biggest difference

    I’ve been consistently using the microbiome and cacoa latte for about 7 months now and I honestly think it had made the biggest difference, this is coming from someone who had endo, pcos and hashimotos. Thankyou so much for creating / having the best product.


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