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  • Address health issues at the root by nurturing gut to increase microbiome diversity.

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  • Natural, plant-based ingredients you can count on for better microbiome health.

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We’re Here to Support You

on Your Journey to Better Gut Health

But First, Here’s a Bit About Ours…

Taking Science from the Lab to Practice

Our founder, Dr Cecilia Kitic, is passionate about elevating health and how our body works. So passiontate that she has spent over 20 years researching gut health, the immune system, how our hormones work, the impacts of exercise on the body, and how nutrition can elevate our performance, health and wellbeing.

The Lab Discovery that Led
to Fertile Gut

This may sound like a movie scene, but Fertile Gut was born out of a ‘Eureka’ moment in the molecular biology lab.

We saw how specific plant extracts were benefiting the microbiome, repairing intestinal damage, restoring function and reducing systemic inflammation.

An ingredient that improved gut microbiota health and the production of nurturing compounds.

We knew that all of these positive changes would benefit the health of our immune system, metabolic health, hormone balance, reproductive health, mood and even reproductive health!

Since that day in the lab, we’ve worked hard to develop the optimal mix of natural, scientifically proven ingredients to support your gut microbiome so you can be the best you can be!

Here to Help You Nurture

Your Gut Microbiome for Optimal Health

Having spent so many years dealing with all the myths and misinformation in the nutrition arena it was time to release our gut microbiome-nurturing formulas and spread our message far and wide.

We’re committed to developing clinically-led formulations using natural ingredients that are packed with prebiotics, antioxidants, amino acids, active phytonutrients, and other potent, gut-nurturing ingredients.

Always made to enhance the growth of beneficial microbiota for better gut health to support your health.

We’ve helped hundreds of people just like you to feel good in their body. Now, we can’t wait to help YOU feel the same.