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We believe that every woman and man should have access to scientific, evidenced based proven strategies to enhance their reproductive health.

Our goal is to improve your fertility and growing family with effective, natural, scientifically formulated preparations. We are with you on your journey to conception and beyond. Nourish. Conceive. Grow. Meet Our Founder Dr Cecilia Kitic My goal is to provide proven ways to nourish your fertility, conceive your dream and grow your family. Following my own fertility struggles I created The IVF Project where I get to help couples improve their fertility for conception every day. As a scientist and researcher I also understand how important our gut is to fertility. Using proven nutrients to improve our clients' gut health has been incredibly effective in improving reproductive outcomes. I wanted to share this with everyone and so Fertile Gut was born. Creating a fertile gut is an integral piece of pregnancy planning and nurturing a healthy pregnancy and beyond. We would love to be part of your journey. x