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Microbiome Essentials

Microbiome Essentials

Packed with 100% natural and nutritious plant-based ingredients — think prebiotics, essential micronutrients and omega-3 fatty acids — Microbiome Essentials nurtures your gut microbiome, naturally.

Rich in antioxidants, plant based omega-3 fatty acids and active phytonutrients proven to promote the growth of beneficial microbes and restore gut balance, Microbiome Essentials is your daily companion for nurturing your gut health.

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Microbiome Essentials Goodness

What are the Benefits?

Our scientifically selected ingredients are proven to promote microbiota diversity, reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, strengthening the intestinal barrier.

Our plant based prebiotic blend also delivers naturally occuring active phytonutrients and antioxidants.

The breakdown of our Microbiome Essentials results in positive shifts in microbiome composition and increased production of health loving beneficial short chain fatty acids such as butyrate.

As well as building a foundation for overall health, Microbiome Essentials is:

  • Suitable for Low FODMAP diets with uniform fermentation rate of prebiotic fibre.
  • Normalises dietary cause bloating via uniform fermentation & gas production compared to rapid gas forming prebiotics.
  • Promotes the growth of non-inflammatory fibre digesting bacteria & synthesis of Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs).
  • Contributes to digestive health & wellness.
  • Nourishes the gut microbiome.
  • Contributes to the maintenance of blood glucose levels.
  • Enhances intestinal integrity.
  • Reduces markers of inflammation.
  • Enhances butyrate production.
  • Delivers 65% of daily chromium requirements from naturally occuring compounds.

How do I use Microbiome Essentials?

A daily serve of Microbiome Essentials formulation is 5 grams. You can mix this into yoghurt, porridge, a smoothie or even add it to soups and pasta.

It is heat resistant so you can also bake with it, adding one tablespoon per person to pancakes, crumbles or muffins. For recipe inspiration head to our BLOG.

Scientifically Selected Ingredients

Prebiotic virgin sugar cane flour (sugar removed), prebiotic inulin (Artichoke), Organic brown flaxseed meal delivering alpha-linolenic acid.

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

  • “I just got my positive test after trying for 14 months. I’ve been using Microbiome Essentials and Cacao Latte for about 7 months now and I honestly think it has made the biggest difference. This is coming from someone who had endo, pcos and hashimotos!”


  • Australian
    Owned & Made

  • Clinically Backed 100%
    Natural Ingredients

  • X

    Gluten free. Non GMO

  • X

    Nothing artificial.
    No colours, flavours, fillers or preservatives.

Nurture a Fertile Gut
for Optimal Health & Wellbeing

Whether you want to optimise your gut diversity or simply take better care of your health, Microbiome Essentials has you covered with a prebiotic-packed and antioxidant-rich formula. Always backed by science, and proven to nurture your gut microbiome to reduce inflammation.

  • Potent Cellulose Complexes sourced from natural
    cane fibres

    Enhances the growth of beneficial microbiota, increasing the production of short chain fatty acids for optimal fertility

  • Active Phytonutrients and Antioxidants
    Supports gut health, nutrient extraction and nurtures a beneficial microbiome

  • Prebiotic
    Artichoke Inulin

    Increases beneficial Bifidobacterium and reduces inflammation

  • Alpha Linolenic Acid and Essential Dietary Lignans
    Strengthens immunity and helps maintain intestinal wall integrity

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Jeanette S.
Microbiome essentials

Exceptional product for managing menopausal weight gain. Does what it promises. I have this order on repeat 😁

Sharon S.

Microbiome Essentials

Success story

For years, I battled severe Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. About 18 months ago, I received the news that my chances of conceiving were only 7%. Following an IVF cycle resulting in no eggs due to quality, I turned to Microbiome Essentials and Cacao Latte as part of my daily routine. Remarkably, within two months, a single collection yielded four perfect 5AA embryos. This success came after grappling with recurring egg quality problems and repeat implantation failure. I am now 19 weeks pregnant and couldn't be more thankful. :)


I've been taking this product for two months and for the first time EVER I've had a painless period. assuming it's because of fertile gut! Thank you so much


I LOVE this product. I have been using Fertile Gut for about a month now and I feel better for it! I add it to my smoothies and I feel less bloated lately and my complexion has improved so much that I now feel brave enough to leave the house without makeup! It literally tastes like nothing but it makes me feel better on the inside and look healthier on the outside! C

A Perfect, Gut Microbiome Boosting Complement

to Your Favourite Recipes!

Microbiome Essentials is neutral in taste so you don’t ever have to compromise on flavour. Put a scoop in your smoothie or add it into your favourite pancake mix. With Microbiome Essentials, you can enjoy prebiotic-powered meals that nourish your gut microbiota, fuel health, and make you feel good (and full) for longer.

What Fertile Gut is All About

Using Safe, Effective & Clinically Backed Ingredients Only

We’re picky about what we bottle. This means we only use safe, natural ingredients proven to optimise your microbiome.

We Help You Build the Foundation

We put all the good stuff in one convenient prebiotic-packed powder that’s naturally made! Feel confident knowing you’re fueling your gut health and building diversity of your gut microbiome!

Optimising your Wellbeing

Always rooted in science, our prebiotic and active phytonutrient-rich formulas to aid, support and improve the health and diversity of the microbiome.

  • I couldn’t be more grateful

    It hasn’t been until taking Fertile Gut that I have seen such a marked change in PCOS. I couldn’t be more grateful for how this product has improved my dysbiosis occurring in my gut and restoring it to
    good health!


  • For the first time EVER I’ve had a painless period

    I’ve been taking this product for two months and for the first time EVER I’ve had a painless period assuming it’s because of fertile gut! Thank you so much


  • I honestly think it had made the biggest difference

    I’ve been consistently using the microbiome and cacoa latte for about 7 months now and I honestly think it had made the biggest difference, this is coming from someone who had endo, pcos and hashimotos. Thankyou so much for creating / having the best product.


Now It’s Your Turn.
Add Microbiome Essentials to your day and start nurturing your microbiome.