Chocolate Custard Delight!

Chocolate Custard Delight!

Craving an indulgently rich and creamy treat? Look no further than this homemade chocolate custard!

With only a handful of simple ingredients, you can whip up a batch of this decadent dessert in no time. It's perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth without sacrificing flavour or health.

Imagine this: a smooth and silky custard infused with the rich, dark notes of cacao latte, leaving a warm and satisfying feeling with every spoonful.

Ready to embark on a chocolatey adventure? Let's get baking!



2 cups milk

1/4 cup sugar 

2 eggs

2 tablespoons cornflour 

2 tablespoons Cacao Latte 


In a saucepan, heat milk and sugar on a low heat, stirring regularly. Whilst milk is heating, in a small bowl whisk eggs.

As milk heats, gradually add 2-3 tablespoons of warm milk from saucepan to eggs and whisk together to temper the eggs.

Add egg mixture into saucepan with milk and whisk to combine.

Add in cornflour and Cacao Latte and continue whisking until desired thickness is achieved.

Serve in a bowl and enjoy! 





Custard Recipe

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